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By John Paulsen on April 24, 2014
NFL free agency never really ends, but the bulk of the big names have found new (or the same) homes for the 2014 season, so it’s a good time to take a look at how free agency has affected the value of players around the league. Let’s start with the…  
By C.D. Carter on April 22, 2014
Ben McAdoo
Editor's note: This article was originally titled "They Might (Or Might Not) Be Giants." You can read more about the New York Giants and the NFC East in the latest from Bob Harris: Fantasy Notebook: NFC East Preview.
By Bob Harris on April 19, 2014
After taking on the NFC South, AFC South and AFC West, the Fantasy Notebook continues its division-by-division look at the NFL offseason with a tour of the NFC East, where things have not only been rather hectic i
By John Paulsen on April 18, 2014
Every offseason, several teams make the decision to go in a new direction by making a change at head coach. This offseason, seven teams -- the Browns, Lions, Texans, Vikings, Buccaneers, Titans and Redskins -- have new head coaches. We also have 12 new coaches at the all-important offensive coordinator (OC) position. (Texans HC Bill O'Brien will also run the offense.)
By C.D. Carter on April 14, 2014
Nick Foles
There exists an intractable psychological barrier for many fantasy footballers: Quarterbacks are important, quarterbacks get shoe deals and become the face of the franchise and win Super Bowls. Quarterbacks are unflinching field generals. Therefore I need to invest heavily in a quarterback for my fantasy football team. I need that elite signal caller.
By John Paulsen on April 9, 2014
Free agency isn’t yet over — it never really ends, does it? — but the vast majority of the top names have found homes, so we can start to sift through the signings and start to project how the top players will fare in 2014.
By Bob Harris on April 5, 2014
The Fantasy Notebook has already rolled through the south -- as in the NFC South and AFC South. This week, it's time to go west. As in the AFC West. While there's been no shortage of interesting fantasy football fodder across the league, the AFC West has been especially busy.
By Bob Harris on March 29, 2014
That's right, it's time to crank up the ol' Notebook and continue our division-by-division tour of the NFL from a fantasy football perspective. We got things going last week with a look at the AFC South; this week, we'll look at the NFC South.  
By John Paulsen on March 23, 2014
There's a simple equation that I keep in mind when evaluating players and situations from a fantasy perspective: Talent + Opportunity = Success There are other variables like competition, durability, work ethic, character, and giving a damn, but talent and opportunity are the two biggest components to fantasy success.
By Bob Harris on March 22, 2014
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Really. It's called the NFL and I'll kindly remind fantasy football owners who haven't been paying attention (coma? lost at sea?) that the fun doesn't end with the Super Bowl. In fact, the fun doesn't end. Ever. Because there is no offseason.